How it's making a difference. is making a real difference by:

  1. Making smart technology simple to help people organise sport & education communities.
  2. Providing a communication platform for schools, sports organisations, participants, coaches, parents and supporters.
  3. Improving cohesion in sport between national bodies, regional associations, schools and clubs.
  4. Increasing professionalism and pride in the way schools and sports are promoted online.
  5. Reducing the burden of administration on staff and volunteers. More time 'doing' and less time 'administering'.
  6. Helping retain knowledge that is often lost when volunteers or staff change over time.
  7. Improving community health outcomes from increased participation in sport & recreation.
  8. Using less paper and reducing manual data entry and human error.
  9. Increasing data security and privacy.

Sportsground is a lifting the bar relating to the organisation of sports and school communities - starting with a huge number of free online tools.

Our Vision, Values and Mission are clear

The Directors and/or Shareholders of Sportsground Ltd​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Wayne Norrie (Chair), Jo Perry, Mike Purchas, Sir Stephen Tindall, Hamish Whyte, John Stace, Sir Graeme Avery